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The jaguar wanders its head stuck in the water tank

A thirsty jaguar in India had to seek help from the rangers after he tried to drink water from a metal pitcher and got his head stuck.

According to Dodo, the incident took place yesterday in the village of Sadulkhera, Rajasthan, India. The villagers spotted the wandering leopard with the vase on its head. They said the leopard may have come from nearby Kumbhalgarh shrine and got its head stuck trying to drink water.

After receiving the advice of the local population, the police and forest rangers sent people to take care of it. They sedated the leopard and removed the pot from its head. The whole process took 6 hours.

“This male jaguar is about three years old. We are keeping him under surveillance. The vets have checked his condition and he appears to be fine. We will release him in the near future,” said Kapil Sharmatold, a local ranger.

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