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Buffalo helps lions and unexpected endings.

The appearance of wild buffalo interrupts the lion’s ᶂᶖᶃḩƫ. It even has a “friendly” action with the ᶖᶇʝᶙᶉᶒᶁ lion, taking viewers by surprise.


Photography by amazingsworld

Recently, an interesting video recording a rare scene in the wild in Kruger Biological Conservation National Park, South Aᶂrіçᶏ has attracted the attention of many animal lovers. In the video, three male lions are different from the herd, engaged in a fierce ᶀᶏƫƫᶅᶒ for dominance. One lion appeared to have seriously ᶖᶇʝᶙᶉᶒᶁ and was strangled by another male lion.

In an urgent situation, the two “ᶏƫƫᶏςᶄᶒᶉᶊ” suddenly looked into the distance warily. After that, they quickly fell behind and abandoned the match. And the ᶖᶇʝᶙᶉᶒᶁ lion was able to get up and regain the initiative. The reason was revealed in a moment when two wild buffaloes were walking towards the lions very calmly. Their appearance was the reason why the lion’s ᶂᶖᶃḩƫ was interrupted.

Photography by amazingsworld

In the natural world, wild buffalo and even wildebeest rarely actively move towards ᶈᶉᶒᶁᶏƫᴏᶉᶊ. But in this case, the buffalo was not afraid, and even acted out “friendly”. It was like trying to help an ᶖᶇʝᶙᶉᶒᶁ lion sit up. Many people now probably think about a “happy” ending, when lions and buffaloes leave together, even becoming … friends.

However, species differences do not allow such a relationship to exist. As for the ᶖᶇʝᶙᶉᶒᶁ lion, it probably thought it was being ᶏƫƫᶏςᶄᶒᶁ by a buffalo, so it jumped up to protest, causing the two “bystanders” to run away. In struggles for territory or control, male lions are often seen, and female lions are rarely seen.

That’s because the male lion’s body structure is more suitable for this purpose. They are heavier (average about 200 – 250 kg), stronger, helping them confidently “go to ẉᶏᶉ”. The purpose of the mane also said to protect the neck and throat of male lions in fierce ᶀᶏƫƫᶅᶒᶊ to secure territory with opponents. Usually, some lions will constantly lead the pack to fend off intruders, while others will stay behind to watch.

An average lion herd consists of about 15 individuals, with several adult females and 3-4 males. However, the herd of Tsavo lions always has only one adult male. There are also lions who choose to “nomads”, citing separated from the herd or mother in natural conditions. Basically, lions are free to change their lifestyles and are less bound. That is, the lone lion can join other herds and vice versa.


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By Source: amazingsworld

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