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Caught two mouth fish in Australia.

Australian fishermen caught a fish with two mouths, the lower mouth of which opens but does not close. On February 18, the IB Times reported that fisherman Garry Warrick saw the fish in a net while fishing in Lake Bonney in the Riverland region of southern Australia.


“Its mouths are really linked together. The upper mouth has an opening and closing motion, while the lower structure just seems to open. Beyond that, it looks like a normal fish,” Warrick said. , quoted by ABC News.

Warrick has encountered warped fish during more than 30 years of fishing, but this is the first time he’s seen this oddly shaped individual.

Diprosopus is the term used to refer to the condition of animals with “twins” on their heads. Although often thought to be associated with Siamese twins, it is not the result of the fusion or splitting of two embryos.

This is a rare phenomenon, occurs when the abnormal activity of the SHH protein, which plays an important role in the facial formation process of embryonic development.


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By Source: ABC News

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