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Unbelievable! Dogs run like kangaroos.

The rooster does not have front legs and can only move with its hind legs like a kangaroo. Roo is 5 months old. He had been missing a front leg since being born in Romania last year and lost his remaining front leg soon after due to an attack from another.


According to NY Daily News, Roo was brought in by the UK animal welfare organization when he was several weeks old. Here, caregivers say he has started to learn to run on two feet, appearing to act more like a kangaroo than a dog.

“Roo doesn’t stop running. He’s never known the life of a 4-legged dog, so it seems Roo doesn’t look at other dogs often and wishes he had four legs like them,” said Kelly Hare. , a director’s rescue organization.


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By Source: ABC News


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