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Strange sharks surprisingly discovered in Mexico

Recently, a strange fish was discovered by a fisherman off the coast of Mexico. According to many people, this is a sick shark.

According to the Daily Mail, a fisherman named Jaime Rendon in Cabo, Mexico earlier this week (March 29) caught a strange fish with strange shapes and colors.

This fish has an enlarged belly like a bubble, pale pink skin and most importantly large clear eyes like the eyes of aliens.

It is known that Jaime’s fisherman caught this fish off 112 m deep. After pulling him onto the boat, he was surprised.

Cá lạ ở Mexico có đôi mắt khác thường.

The strange fish in Mexico have unusual eyes.

Jaime said: “I was really surprised, his eyes are very strange, very blue. These eyes are very similar to aliens.”

Shortly after, Jaime shared photos of this strange fish on the social networking site Facebook. It quickly gained attention.

Many experienced people believe that this fish is a shark whose scientific name is Cephaloscyllium Ventriosum. Because it has a characteristic skin type and 3 small teeth similar to a shark. Due to his albinism disease, the lack of typical pigments, he had such a strange skin color.

However, Jaime doesn’t think so. Because normally sharks have 5-7 gills on each side, but this fish only has 3 gills on each side of the head. In addition, he has unusual blue eyes.

Previously, a fisherman named Hope McLawrence (74) living in Grenada – an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, also caught a strange fish with a strange shape.

This fish has a long thorn on its back, mouth and two nostrils like a human. More precisely, he travels with two feet at the bottom of the ocean. There were also toes sticking out on his feet.

McLawrence said he was confused when he saw the creature caught in his net. He said he was over 50 years old doing this job, but had never seen such a bizarre fish.

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