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Hundreds of thousands of species of marine life remain a secret

After a decade of studying the world’s oceans, scientists have released the final results of their first project – “Ocean Life Statistics” (CoML).

According to the CoML, more than 540 oceanic expeditions have been conducted with the participation of 2,700 scientists from 90 countries.

The studies spent around 9,000 days sailing at sea and published around 2,600 scientific papers on their findings. The total cost of CoML implementation is $ 650 million.

The published results show that there are approximately 230,000 to 250,000 known marine species in the world. Scientists estimate the number of undiscovered species at 750,000.

In addition, around 6,000 new species of marine life have been discovered over the past 10 years, including yeti crab with many hard yellow feathers, squid up to 6m in length, and shrimp are said to be extinct. 50 million years ago.

However, Mr. Ron O’Dor, one of CoML’s leading scientists, said, “The early ocean is just a memory”. It is human greed to exploit marine resources that is having catastrophic effects on the species. They are in danger and they believe that only a few areas of the sea remain untouched by humans.

“Large marine species – from whales to tuna – were once abundant in the seas, but surveys have seen them drop by 90% or more,” said Jesse H. Ausubel, co-founder. CoML Project, also professor of environment studies at Rockefeller University, New York, United States.

“We hope the 21st century will be a great era of restorative ocean life,” Ausubel said.

Project: “Ocean Life Statistics” just launched a separate website that each of us wants to discover can see the distribution of a species from an ocean from a giant database of “name d ‘species “and” address “of marine life.

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