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The dangerous phenomenon causes the sea surface to divide the board

Square waves are a beautiful and rare natural phenomenon, but also extremely dangerous for swimmers and boats.

The phenomenon of sea intersection occurs when two systems of sea waves move towards each other at an oblique angle. If the bevel is close to 90 degrees, the water surface will be divided into squares like a chessboard.

More common in shallow waters, intersecting seas are often seen off the western tip of the island of Rhé in France, or on the beaches of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Sea intersections can occur when two waves exist at the same time, or when the wind pushes the waves in one direction and the swell waves move in the opposite direction.

Physicists and mathematicians consider the intersecting sea as an example of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation used to describe nonlinear wave motion.

For swimmers and boaters alike, sea crossings are a dangerous phenomenon, often accompanied by tides that cause strong offshore currents and rough seas.

Ocean currents can produce unusually high and unpredictable waves, in some cases up to three meters in height to overturn large ships.

Experts recommend that when you see sea cells suddenly appearing, you should disembark as quickly as possible.

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