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10 foods that are not only delicious, but also clean furniture in the house

In the kitchen, your fridge is always full of delicious food. But did you know that in addition to cooking, many foods are also used to clean household furniture?

1. Rice
Rice is not only a versatile ingredient in recipes, but also a “secret weapon” in cleaning. The rice has the effect of cleaning dead spots in deep bottom pots and glassware. All you need to do is fill the jar with water, add dish soap and rice, and then use a chopstick (dressed on top) to sweep the mixture inside the jar. Then you wash it off with water and the bottles are like new again.

Alternatively, you can use rice to remove oil buildup from a coffee grinder or spice grinder. Grind 1/4 cup of rice in a blender and wipe it dry with a damp cloth. The oils will stick to the rice, leaving the grinder clean for the next use.

If you eat jackfruit with plastic on your hand, put your hand in a bucket of rice (with bran) and rub it in. Make sure your hands cleanse quickly and no longer have the uncomfortable sticky feel of jackfruit plastic.

2. Tomato sauce
You can also use ketchup to remove tarnish from cookware (copper bottom) by brushing ketchup with acidic seasoning (vinegar, lemon) on the surface of utensils to be cleaned and rubbing. Lots of people also use ketchup to remove stains on the car, if that doesn’t work you can mix in some salt and rub it on the car.

3. coffee grounds
Coffee grounds have many uses such as beautifying the skin, fertilizing plants, creating organic fertilizers, repelling parasites (mosquitoes, fruit flies, beetles). Storing coffee grounds in the refrigerator can help neutralize odors from many foods. And you can use them as a natural countertop cleanser or as an exfoliant.

4. Potatoes
If your cookware is a little rusty, just use a raw potato to solve the problem. Cut a potato in half, dip it in dish soap (or baking soda), and rub it vigorously on the rusty area. Repeat until the rust is gone. If the potato shows signs of “damage,” cut off the top, then submerge it again in dish soap.

5. Bread
Note that you must use sliced bread. You can use a slice of bread to remove stains from walls or dust from paintings. Or when the glass is broken, you just need to press a slice on the broken glass, and the small pieces will stick to the bread securely as well.

6. Baking soda
There are many ways to use baking soda. Mix baking soda with water to clean counters, mix with dish soap to degrease the frying pan, add to water to scrub stains on the floor. Not to mention that baking soda mixed with water can also wash off residue in the oven or microwave. It can polish silverware, remove coffee and tea stains. In addition, baking soda has the effect of deodorizing refrigerators, garbage cans, sewers …

7. Lemon
You can clean your microwave with 1 squeezed lemon in a bowl of water. Turn on the oven until water splashes on the door. Wait 15 minutes for it to cool, then wipe the inside with a clean cloth. You can also clean a wooden cutting board by sprinkling a little salt, rubbing half a lemon, and then rinsing. And yet, lemon juice mixed with salt will make an effective brass cleaning solution. You should grind a little more lemon zest to make the furniture smell more natural.

8. Olive oil
Just apply a little olive oil to a cloth to clean stainless steel appliances. You can also use olive oil mixed with lemon juice to clean wooden furniture (but try it on a small spot first).

9. Vinegar
White vinegar is an equal competitor to baking soda when it comes to versatility. You can use vinegar to wash clothes, clean carpets, and brighten windows. If you mix baking soda with vinegar and water (add essential oils if you want) it will form an all-purpose cleanser.

10. Vodka
The vodka will kill odor causing bacteria on clothes and won’t leave any unpleasant odors behind. Dipping vodka in a cloth can polish chrome, glass and porcelain ornaments. And vodka also has the effect of removing mold from the surface of furniture.

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