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Don’t eat eggs when you have a fever

Eggs are a dish rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and many vitamins that mothers use in daily family meals. While eggs are good, for those with a fever, eggs are the culprit that is harming your health.

Everyone knows that after eating, the body temperature will rise because the food entering the body will be broken down and digested. In addition to releasing heat energy itself, digestion of food also increases the body’s basic metabolic efficiency, thereby stimulating the body to produce more heat. This stimulating effect of food, in medicine, is called the special motivational role of food. However, this role has nothing to do with the total heat of the food but with the type of food.

For example, when you eat sugar, basal metabolic efficiency can increase by 5% to 6%, when eating fat, basal metabolic efficiency increases by 3% to 4%, the continuous duration of these two types only. about 1 hour. If you eat eggs, the amount of Protit in the eggs will greatly affect, the basal metabolic efficiency can increase by 15% to 30%, a relatively long continuous duration, maybe 10-12 hours. Because the Protit content in eggs is very high, if you eat eggs while having fever, not only can not lower the body temperature, but also increase the temperature, which makes it difficult to cure the disease. .

Những người bị sốt nên ăn thức ăn thanh đạm

So, we can see that high protein foods like lean meats and fish also increase body heat, so we should limit eating as little as possible.

People with a fever should try to eat foods that are frugal (low in fat), easy to digest and rich in vitamins. Normally, the patient should eat the main liquid foods such as diluted porridge, rice water, pasta, lotus powder …

Protit is needed to restore health, so after the fever is gone, you can give the patient chicken egg soup. Until he recovers completely, the patient should eat a lot of lean meat, fish, tofu …

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