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The “super fat” dog changed his life through diet and exercise

A dachshund dog has gone from being chubby like a “sausage” to a slim figure in its miracle weight loss story.

Fat Vincent, commonly known as the Dachshund, weighed 16kg in 2015. The reason Fat Vincent gained weight so quickly was because he loved junk food. This weight is equivalent to that of a 4 year old girl.

However, the “traveling sausage factory” received more attention from the owner and a diet was established. With love and care, the hot dog can now be renamed Vincent Slim. Currently, Fat Vincent’s weight is only around 8kg, which is half of last year.

Previously, Vincent could only stay still because his body was too big to move. Fat Vincent’s life changed completely when he lost weight.

Mary Tiptom from the Houston American Dog Rescue Center came to the poor dog’s rescue. Fat Vincent’s dizzying shape shift quickly made the dog famous on Facebook. A fan page titled “Fat Vincent’s Change” caught the attention of tens of thousands.

To lose weight, a dog as big as a sausage needs to walk every day, diet, exercise. On Facebook dedicated to Fat Vincent is the process of losing weight with playful images. Fat Vincent has appeared on television and in many prestigious American magazines, including People.

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