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The golden polka dot frog “returns” after more than 30 years

The yellow-spotted bell frog, believed to have been extinct over 30 years ago, has been found in the Southern Tablelands region of New South Wales, Australia.

On March 4, New South Wales Environment Minister Frank Sartor said the frogs were found in a stream on isolated and private land near Yass in the Southern Plateau region.

During an investigation of native fish species late last year, scientist Luke Pearce suddenly discovered a species of bell frog with a fancy color.

He immediately contacted his colleague David Hunter, a frog expert, and during a field visit in February, the mystery of the frog was unraveled when Mr Hunter realized the creatures were species. Yellow dot bell frog, considered extinct more than 30 years ago.

Hunter considers this to be a lifelong event in his career in scientific research, and says this discovery highlights the importance of private owners in preserving the living environment of the organism.

He warns people not to visit the location above to capture or take photos of yellow spotted bell frogs, as this can trigger strange pathogens for the frog population here and threaten the population of the species. . this.

Scientists warn Australia has more than 40 endangered species of frogs. These frogs are battling the effects of chytridia, which have dramatically reduced the number of amphibians in the world.

Taronga Zoo, a popular tourist destination in New South Wales, has built a collection of frogs and tadpoles, and plans to breed frogs to bring them back to their natural environment.

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