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Cats earn money through special careers

In this next part, the author would like to introduce you to cats which are also very special and just as cute, especially cats which are quite well known on the internet and on Facebook social networks.

In the previous article, we found out about some cats known for their special jobs and special abilities. In this next part, the author would like to introduce you to cats which are also very special and just as cute, especially cats which are quite well known on the internet and on Facebook social networks.

Mike – Bodyguard in the museum

In the years 1909 to 1929 across the world appeared a cat named Mike with a special task – to guard the door of the museum. Mike was so famous that Time magazine devoted two articles to the cat’s death in 1929. The cat was trained at an early age to prevent foreign animals from entering the museum, leading the pigeons to a separate area for them. …

The cat has spent most of his life in the British Museum. Here Mike is commented on as a romantic guy, attracting lots of cats and is a wise cat. Only a certain number of people can signal and make Mike obey. The official keeper and Sir Ernest Wallis – an Egyptologist of the museum, also Mike’s official owner. After Mike’s death, a gravestone was erected near the main entrance which read: “The cat was credited with guarding the main door of the British Museum from February 1909 to January 1929”.

Bublik – Candidate for the municipal council

If in part 1 presented the cat Hank – candidate for the Senate in the United States, in Russia there is also a similar case. He was an adorable Bublik cat, he was only 3 months old when his campaign was announced. Bublik the cat ran to get a job on the Yekaterinburg city council. The time of the election was in April 2013.

This cute cat’s campaign is all about fighting cat castration and providing cheaper cat food – which can be pretty sketchy compared to other candidates. However, that did not hamper Bublik’s resolve. The campaign slogan was launched as: “For a better future!”. According to the owner of Bublik, it was the determination of Hank’s elders that helped this cat gain confidence. He also insisted that “I will definitely win. Bublik is neither on the left nor on the right and will not join any party. ”

Of course, the end result – like many other pets, Bublik failed. However, after his election, the cat won many fans around the world.

Rusik – Officer at the police station

The most commonly used animals in the law enforcement industry are dogs. The dog has a sharp nose and agility, easy to train, so it is often used to find criminals, detect heroin … However, cats, or more precisely, at least a cat named Rusik is also recruited for doing duty with the police. Police at a guard post in Russia’s Stavropol region near the Caspy Sea recruited the Rusik cat to fight poachers, poachers and sturgeon traders. Sturgeon is a fish with excellent eggs and is in danger of extinction, so it is very important to prevent poaching.

The pretty cat Rusik was originally a stray cat and was adopted by the police. After being adopted, police discovered they were keeping sturgeons – wherever evidence of theft was discovered and eaten by Rusik. They immediately thought of taking advantage of this ability to track down the smugglers. Rusik’s abilities are so great that the old police dog retired early. However, even in his golden life, Rusik died in an accident while on duty in July 2003 – as he prepared to check on a shipment. It has also been speculated that the real Rusik was murdered by poachers.

Cat Chessie – The mascot of the Chesapeake and the Ohio Railway

A cat named Chessie was once very famous when used as a symbol for the Chesapeake and the Ohio Railway. The first image of the cat appeared from a black and white advertisement published in September 1933 by Fortune magazine with the slogan “Sleep like a kitten”. This announcement had a positive effect on everyone. The railway company has since promoted an advertising campaign based on the image of this cat and chose Chessie as the origin of the railway company name Chesapeake.

The image of the cat became so famous that it was printed on many other items such as T-shirts, calendars and even appeared in a few children’s books. In addition to Chessie, the company then used two kittens named Nip and Tuck in 1935 and another cat named Peake to partner with Chessie. Even during WWII, the image of Chessie was also used to promote the sale of war bonds. The image of a sleeping cat had been in use for about 50 years until the company merged with another rail system. They changed to a more modern logo, but Chessie has always been seen as the mascot of this company.

Tardar Sauce – The Cat Grimaced

It is one of the most famous cats in the world. Tadar Sauce’s face always shows an “irritable” undertone. And he’s known as the Grumpy Cat more than his real name. Tardar was born in April 2012 and rose to prominence in the online community in September of that year – when the owner posted photos of this cat on several community sites. Currently, Tardar lives with his employer in Arizona, United States. Tardar has a full Facebook, Youtube and Twitter page with millions of fans around the world.

Although Grumpy was born with a grimace, her life was not so bad, even this girl was very happy and lavish. Tadar’s rich source of income comes from toys, Christmas cards, calendars, mugs and T-shirts in his image. Even filmmakers love and look to Tadar. Since becoming famous, the life of the Tardar cat has always been sought after, surrounded by humans, and for this reason, he has both a bodyguard and his own lawyer to protect himself and his interests.

Shironeko – The cat that sleeps during the day

If there is a question about who the sleeping cat king is, then the answer is exactly one: Shinoreko. This cat was born on March 8, 2012 and currently lives in Japan. Shironeko’s identifiable features are white and yellow fur, still soft eyes, and a beautiful legal figure. This cat in every photo posted by the owner is always in a state of sleep, regardless of the many objects around or placed on his body.

Shironeko’s owner is a cat lover, so the cat is not alone, but lives with a large number of friends, including the cat Tora, who is considered Shinoreko’s best friend. Cats are also very adorable and they are usually a very famous and well-known cat family. Currently, Shironeko’s Facebook page has over 100,000 favorites.

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