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Nicholas Flamel and the Rumor of the Sorcerer’s Stone

According to Ancient Origins, humanity has always been fascinated with the idea of immortality, since then efforts to find a way to eliminate death and attain life indefinitely in the physical body have been carried out in various forms. 

The best-known method ever known was alchemy, the main purpose of which was to produce Witch Stone – Lapis Philosophorum, a legendary catalytic substance with the property of turning ordinary metal into gold with almost absolute purity.

This essence is the key ingredient in making the Elixir of Immortality. This essence is believed to help prevent death and therefore those who take this drug will have immortal life, forever young and not old. Some people believe that just taking the elixir once can make them immortal, while others believe that it takes a certain amount of this medicine continuously to maintain human eternal life. .

the sorcerer’s stone

In alchemical circles, the Sorcerer’s Stone is often represented as an egg, sometimes accompanied by a serpent symbolizing alchemists. There are countless alchemists who claim to have created the Sorcerer’s Stone as well as the Elixir of Immortality, but none have been proven successful.

In Asia, ancient emperors frequently ordered their servants to find the elixir of life or someone capable of making the elixir. However, most of the drugs reported are fake.

While other alchemists have always failed, there is a name in the story associated with an actual discovery of the Sorcerer’s Stone. It was Nicolas Flammel, a French librarian, who is said to have lived from 1330 to 1418 in Paris, married Pernelle in 1360 and became the most famous couple in alchemical research.

Nicolas Flammel bought an old book full of ancient texts written by Abraham, a Jew, and pictures detailing the stages of the Great Works – as the alchemists called the process of making the Sorcerer’s Stone. At first, Nicolas Flammel didn’t really understand the book, so he went to Compostela in Spain to find a Jewish convert to Catholicism to help him explain the meaning of the book.

After that, Nicolas Flamel returned to Paris, embarking on metal processing experiments with the help of his wife. They followed the basic principles of alchemy passed down from ancient times, as well as detailed instructions in old books. The initial success that brought them was refined gold with a high quality and purity far beyond gold products of the time.

But Nicolas Flamel keeps his success a secret. When King Charles V ordered the destruction of all alchemy laboratories, Nicolas Flammel responded by providing money and wealth to many churches, even ordering a large portal carved with statues emblematic of the Church of Saint James the Butcher shop in the region.

Rumors of Eternal Life

In the 18th century, a traveler by the name of Paul Lucas claimed to have met several Arabs in the desert who said they had met the famous couple of still alive alchemists.

Alexis Monteiln, in his book “Histoire de France d’Autres Terres”, tells of a chance meeting with a French intellectual of genius who also told of having met Nicolas Flammel, who was not only alive, but also alive. underground research.

At the end of the 20th century, Averroes Secundus, a Syrian convert to Catholicism, wrote a book “Terra incognita Perpetua” about how he had visited a secret labyrinthine system hidden underground in Spain, somewhere below the plateau of the Sierra Morena.

There are many entrances to the tunnel labyrinth system, he says, from abandoned buildings, and this mysterious tunnel labyrinth is so large that it reaches Castile, Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country – that is, rows of hundreds of kilometers.

The labyrinth is described as filled with treasures beyond imagination and home to an entire religious order. They are said to be in possession of precious books, great mysteries which are kept with the greatest care as well as what has never been discovered is still being studied and tested in recent years.

Ngôi nhà của Nicolas Flammel ở Paris.Averroes Secundus even claims to have met the famous Nicolas Flammel in the flesh, living with the Order’s brothers in the labyrinth. Averroes Secundus also heard from Nicolas Flammel about conducting research to turn visible matter into invisible, the main goal is to find the optimal way to protect the underworld from the bottomless greed of aliens.

Of course, there are many effective methods of protection applied by the brothers of the order in the labyrinth, many complicated rules and procedures to follow. The security system is formed by senior officials of the religious order and is personally supervised by Nicolas Flammel. The only way to open the hidden secret doors was to use signals from below the maze and only one person had access at a time.

The most important thing is that although it is possible to go through all means of protection, to accidentally infiltrate the underground tunnel system with thousands of difficulties, it is completely impossible to get out by chance or by chance. .

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