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Seeing that the owner was in trouble, the dog quickly stopped exercising and called for someone for help.

The Alaskan dog stopped exercising, managed to call someone for help when he saw his owner pass out, lying motionless on the ground.

The incident took place at a pet store in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, China. Security camera video recorded by the store showed a smart dog named Alaska quickly stopped exercising on the treadmill to open the door and find someone to rescue the owner.

The unidentified owner suddenly knelt down, hugged his head and passed out in the store, next to the two Alaskan and Samoyed dogs exercising on the treadmill.

The dog’s tail stopped wagging because she seemed to notice something was wrong and then ran towards the woman with her feet. Seeing that it wasn’t working, the dog ran out to find a way to open the door and called for someone for help.

Mr. Yu, the man then followed the dog and ran to the store to take the victim to the emergency room.

Then Alaska just got back on the treadmill to continue training with Samoyed, a friend who kept exercising throughout the incident.

After arriving at the hospital, doctors said, the woman passed out due to hypoglycemia, a condition where the patient’s blood sugar was below normal. Fortunately, the girl was not affected by her life.

The owner from Alaska said the extremely intelligent, over 5-year-old dog understands lots of verbal commands. He was able to open the door after only two lessons.

This 5 year old dog is like Lassie, an extremely intelligent fictional character from the famous 1954 television series.

In the film, Lassie is a collie dog who goes on an adventure with the owner’s son. This couple always run into some interesting and humorous issues along the way. In each episode, Lassie will always be the character who manages to find a way on her own or call for help to save her life.

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