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Superstar is filled with the scariest thing in the universe, destroying himself

American researchers have found a new direction in the quest for dark matter: it is in the heart of gas giants.

Authors from Ohio State University (USA) believe that dark matter is made up of individual particles and that these particles can sometimes crash into giant planets and then penetrate deep inside the planet., S’ continuously accumulates and collides, destroys itself and generates Heat.

Speaking to Live Science, astrophysicist Juri Smirnov, one of the authors, said that the self-destruction of dark matter hidden in the “hearts” of gas giants could be detected by consider unusually hot cold planets.

First, we need to find old planets that have been knocked out of their own star systems and are no longer heated, according to the Physical Review Letters; or lower star but more advanced than the planets, called brown dwarfs.

Next, we need to classify the planets that have dark matter inside by noticing infrared brightness. Without heating or a fusion reaction to self-heating, these celestial bodies need something else to produce infrared radiation.

The study aims to provide an interim mission for the state-of-the-art James Webb Space Telescope, which NASA plans to launch in October this year.

Dark matter is believed to be at least one sixth of the matter in the universe, but it is extremely ghostly, mysterious, and invisible. However, many times astronomers have “seen” it through its interactions with other surrounding objects, much as ghosts push foreign objects in fiction.

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