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The most dangerous birds on the planet.

The world of birds is so diverse. While some are gentle and harmless, others are mean and could kill you. Birds are broadly classified based on their size and strength, but other salient features like their toxicity, sharp beaks, paws, and powerful claws are often overlooked. Let’s not forget that even the smallest bird can send you to an early grave if you lose your guard. In this video, I have put together 15 of the deadliest birds on the planet. Stay glued to this channel!
Photography by FactFile/Youtube

Emu is the Australian version of the deadly Ostrich. Although they are relatively smaller than their African counterpart, they are powerful and stand at 5 feet tall. They weigh almost 70 kg. Much of their weight is in their thigh muscles, and their legs are the strongest part. Not even metal fencing can get in their way of invading any space.

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

This is because they are wired to tear down any obstacle regardless of how sturdy you think it is. Their large claws can inflict severe injuries and lead to death if the victim is unlucky. Emus are friendly and wouldn’t impose any danger to humans except…you guessed right! You dare not provoke them. They have their natural weapons intact and wouldn’t mind unleashing them on any encroacher.

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

The South American harpy is another hazardous bird that deserves mention here. It is among the largest eagles on the planet. The Harpy eagle may not be as gigantic and the Ostrich, but what it lacks in size, nature compensates it in power. A mature animal weighs only 9 kg and boasts a wingspan of 2 meters.

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

They run at 70 km/h, and they do not leave their prey until they’ve wreaked havoc to their satisfaction. Their nails are the major killing executor. With claws measuring almost 5 inches long, they can crush bones and kill their unsuspecting victim before you say, Jack!

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

The Barred Owl is little compared to its contemporaries. They weigh only 1.3 kg; therefore, they are intended to assault smaller victims. You’ll find them mainly in the forests of Southern United States. Their feathers have an innate silencer which means you’ll never hear them coming. This feature makes assassination smoother because their victims would always stay put and not move an inch before they arrive. It then dives on the prey’s head with their talons sharper than a razor. It then pecks, claws, and squeezes the target causing head injuries. This seemingly harmless bird is known to assault hikers in the Pacific Northwest.

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

The Snowy Owl is native to the Arctic tundra and is one of the biggest and beautiful owl species on the planet. They are white with dark gray spots. A mature animal weighs almost 2.9 kg and has a wingspan of about 1.5 meters. Understandably, people are their primary hazard. Other natural predators are wolves, foxes, and Jaegers. They are known to protect their space aggressively without minding whose ox is gored. Their razor-sharp talons are used to drive their predators away. However, if there’s a stubborn human around who wouldn’t let them be, they target the head and eyes. Their actions on the eyes are incredibly severe and could lead to blindness.

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

Pitohui is found in New Guinea’s jungles and is the only known bird that carries a toxin. There are different species of this bird, but the most poisonous one is the hooded pitohui. Although their skin and feathers are brightly-colored and attractive, you shouldn’t take them for granted. These parts contain a powerful neurotoxic agent called batrachotoxin, the same one on the deadly dart frog’s skin.

Photography by FactFile/Youtube

The substance is one of the deadliest found in nature. While batrachotoxin is present in small quantities, it takes only one gram to make the victim suffer a heart attack, paralysis, or death. There’s been no recorded death attributed to this animal, but it is considered a rubbish bird that you dare not eat.


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By Source: FactFile/Youtube

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