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Rare pair of monogamous fish in Taiwan

The owner of a restaurant in Taiwan displays a pair of Siamese emperor fish to attract diners.

Chinatimes quoted Mr. Vuong Tri Thuan, owner of Huong Thao Restaurant, Taiwan, as saying that his two fish have their heads and abdomen connected together, share the same digestive system, and both eat bait. The top one is twice the size of the bottom one, and stronger, taking the initiative to find shelter and food.

However, the top one doesn’t seem to notice the existence of the bottom one, often swimming in places with many obstacles, causing the lower one to hit trees and rocks repeatedly.

Mr. Vuong once raised two more pairs of double-headed fish. However, according to him, they are all dead and are preparing to be used as specimens, only this couple survived for more than a year. Mr. Wang said that if one of them died, the other would die soon as well.

According to Vuong, his uncle is an expert in ornamental fish farming, and every two or three years he gives birth to a litter of live fish.

Truong Van Binh, an expert from the Taiwan Oceanographic Institute, said that both fish and humans are vertebrates, fish and babies are the same because the ovum does not fully divide, this report is of 1: 1 million. However, he had never seen two-headed marine fish, possibly due to the fact that in nature, their flexibility and low resistance to fish made them difficult to survive.

Mr Truong said the direct fish breed in a relatively safe man-made environment, so that they can live for so long. However, this is also rare.

Khau Uc Van, another expert, believed that this pair of fish may have the same blood vessels, but have independent organs. To confirm, the fish must be x-rayed, but it is possible that they will die.

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