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White-headed eagle rushes into the sea to grab fish.

Although rushing down from above, the white-headed eagle accurately grabs its prey with sharp claws. 59-year-old photographer Alan Murphy photographed a white-headed eagle ḩᶙᶇƫᶖᶇᶃ trip in waters near Alaska. From the sky, a ᶈᶉᶒᶁᶏƫᴏᶉ weighing about 6.5 kg with a wingspan of nearly two meters descended at high speed. It accurately grabbed the fish and then flew back into the air.


Photography by amazingsworld

The eagle will eat whatever fish it can find, as long as it can be lifted out of the water. Sometimes they miss a fish that’s too big and have to swim ashore to pull up its prey. They detect fish from a great height and still ḩᶖƫ prey with outstretched claws.

Murphy took a photo of a white-headed eagle spreading its wings at a distance of just a few meters. White-headed eagles in Alaska are quite pure, they are familiar with boats and fishermen. They are comfortably active in close proximity to humans. That allows the fishermen to get very close to the eagle.

Photography by amazingsworld

White-headed eagles typically fly about 50 km per hour and can plunge at speeds of 160 km per hour while prey. In 1963, there were only 417 pairs of white-headed eagles, but now there are more than 69,000 pairs. They appear in all states of Aᶆᶒriçᶏ.


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By Source: amazingsworld

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