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Pretend to be a buyer to save the wild cats

The Vietnam Wildlife Conservation Center received 1 wild cat, 2 civets and 1 pig badger rescued by the authorities.

The first rescue case was an individual wildcat for sale by a wildlife trade agent on 9/5. On May 10, while this person was trying to sell, he was discovered by the authorities. Immediately afterwards, the Economic Security Division, Ha Nam Provincial Police coordinated the rescue with the Ha Nam Forest Protection Department and Tieu Dong Township (Ha Nam) police.

To save, the functional force pretended to be a cat buyer to grab the seller and convince him to hand over. The wild individual currently in the care of the veterinary team has started to eat again.

Giả vờ làm người mua để giải cứu mèo rừng - ảnh 1

On the same day of May 10, Hoa Binh City police confiscated 10 snakes, 8 turtles, 2 moldy civets, 1 badger pig transported on a bus from Hoa Binh to Hanoi. The condition of 2 civets and 1 badger after being rescued were seriously injured by traps. The pig badger died shortly after being taken to the rescue center due to exhaustion.

Two civets had to undergo amputation, one was lost during surgery, the other was successfully amputated and is in the process of healing.

On May 17, 10 snakes and 8 turtles were transferred to another center, and the rest were transferred to the Vietnam Wildlife Conservation Center (English name is Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, abbreviated SVW).

Giả vờ làm người mua để giải cứu mèo rừng - ảnh 2

SVW is a non-profit organization. SVW’s animal rescue and release aims to help preserve the valuable biological values ​​that still exist in Vietnam. The center cooperates with Cuc Phuong National Park (Ninh Binh Province) and Pu Mat National Park (Nghe An Province) to carry out activities aimed at saving wildlife from illegal trade and releasing it into the environment.

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