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Gloster Canary: a strange bird with the extreme “new face”

This bird is called Gloster Canary and is identified as a very humorous form of hair.

Barry is a Gloster canary bird of the canary family and also has another name, a weak chrysanthemum-headed canary. Due to his funny appearance and “new face”, this bird suddenly became a social media star with over 2,000 Instagram followers.

Hầu hết các bệnh mà chúng thường mắc phải là kết quả của chế độ ăn uống không đúng cách.

Canaries have a beautiful shape and color and have a louder voice than other groups in the canary family. The chrysanthemum canary is native to the Canary Islands, but in reality it is not a bird native to nature. Gloster Canary birds are the result of human breeding and selection over the decades between the Border Canary, Roller Canary and Lesser Canary. Identifying the characteristics of the Gloster Canary bird is their extremely funny “first fruit”.

Gloster Canary là thành viên khá "nhỏ con" và rất năng động của gia đình chim hoàng yến.
Gloster Canary is a fairly “small” and very active member of the canary family. Their origins come from the Canary Islands and Azores. They will never be found in the wild as they are the result of selective breeding between Border Canaries, Roller Canaries and Lesser Canaries.

Chúng lần đầu tiên được biết đến và trưng bày trong triển lãm Crystal Palace vào năm 1925.
There are two types of Canarian Gloster birds: the Canarian Consort with a head with inverted claw “hair” and a Corona with a “ball head”. They were first known and exhibited in the Crystal Palace exhibition in 1925.

Tên khoa học của loài chim hoàng yến này là Serinus canaria domesticus.
The scientific name for this canary is Serinus canaria domesticus. The female canary has a short voice and a sweet song, while the male has a rather resounding song.

Những chú chim hoàng yến Gloster Canary có tuổi thọ ước tính từ 7-12 năm.
Gloster Canaries have an estimated lifespan of 7 to 12 years. These birds are healthy, but they can also have problems with reproduction and incarnation. Most of the illnesses they often contract are the result of poor nutrition.

“Quả đầu moi" của mỗi con chim hoàng yến đầu bông cúc không giống nhau
The “tip” of every chrysanthemum canary is not the same. Some have thick hair, some are sparse, some are elegant, some are dusty. Farmers tend to imitate the sound of house bells or phone rings. A single canary sings more often and also likes to fly from branch to branch.

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