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Lost for 12 years, the cat was fortunate enough to find the former owner and the unexpected reunion was moving

Lost when he was only 3 years old, the Gucci cat waited 12 years to finally see the former owner. Before that, the boy wandered around many places and received help from strangers.

In 2008, a girl named Vicky Swainson living in England just moved into a new home when she lost her cat Gucci. The black and white cat had jumped into a nearby property and then disappeared. Vicky then prints dozens of posters all over the place, walking over two miles from her new home each day and searching for months in vain. Since then, the cat has been absent for 12 years, no one hopes that Gucci will be able to find his way home or not even be alive.

Gucci was 3 when she got lost in 2008

However, recently a phone call to Vicky’s phone number from a vet has turned into a wish come true every year. Vicky, a 31-year-old bank employee this year completely surprised not to believe what he heard when he got the call. Over the phone, the doctor announced that he had found Gucci through the correct frequency scan and identification of the cat through a microchip attached to the body 12 years ago.

Without waiting too long, this girl immediately went to this vet to see if something as absurd like this had really happened and what year the cat waiting for her really was Gucci of the Year. is not. However, as soon as she appeared at the door, Gucci immediately recognized the previous owner even though he hadn’t seen her for many years. The cat ran and snuggled up and showed a lot of repression, meowing softly as if it was very emotional.

Đi lạc 12 năm trời, chú mèo bỗng may mắn tìm được chủ cũ và cuộc hội ngộ đầy bất ngờ gây xúc động - Ảnh 3.

Holding Gucci in his heart also wished it wasn’t a dream. This miracle has certainly happened sometimes, but with a probability of one in a million, and it was impossible to expect such a rare case to happen. Before being reunited with Vicky, the vet said the cat had been roaming the streets for about eight months and had been fed by a local woman. This woman realized that Gucci was too skinny, so she called the vet to help check the poor cat’s health. Therefore, this doctor found the chip attached under the skin still there and contacted Vicky.

A pet microchip is a small piece of a chip, usually just a grain of rice. This is a technology used to recognize objects using radio waves. Such a device is made up of two main components: the chip reader and the transmitter. The reading equipment is equipped with antennas to receive and broadcast electromagnetic waves. The transmitter is attached to the object to be identified and implanted under the skin of the animal, usually in the area between the shoulder blades.

Đi lạc 12 năm trời, chú mèo bỗng may mắn tìm được chủ cũ và cuộc hội ngộ đầy bất ngờ gây xúc động - Ảnh 4.

Each IC is coded with a unique number. This number is stored in the chip manufacturer’s database. Each manufacturer will have a website. Here you can attach your personal contact information to your firmware, including name, address, phone number, and email.


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