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The dog looked at the window three times a day for 6 months, suddenly stopped completely and gave birth to depression, the owner found out the reason why

Dogs are renowned for their loyalty. If they miss a loved one, they will spend their entire lives waiting for their return.

This extremely meaningful story is shared by the owner on social media. Her companion dog has a habit of sitting by the window, looking in one direction, and then brooding in silence, but her eyes are extremely loving. At first she just thought maybe it was the personality of dogs who particularly like quietness instead of running around the house and rummaging through furniture in every corner.

But no, every day 3 times a day, in the same window, in the same direction, with the same gaze, the dog put his little foot on the glass and continued to stare without taking his eyes off. Curious, the owner just tried to find out, it turns out the guy is still watching a cat, also lying on the doorframe of the neighbor’s door opposite. There was no barking or growling like other dogs and cats, they looked at each other completely with loving eyes.

Chú chó đều đặn 3 lần một ngày nhìn ra cửa sổ suốt 6 tháng liền bỗng dừng hẳn rồi sinh trầm cảm, chủ tìm hiểu mới biết lý do tại sao - Ảnh 2.

For 6 consecutive months, the 2 main characters of a lovely love story titled “Drink the Evil Look in a Drunk Eye for a Lifetime” continued extremely steadily. But one day, the owner of the house across the street suddenly put a few pots where the window obscured his vision, and the cat couldn’t lie down where he was.

Needless to say, he can also guess, that the main male dog in the story is always on time 3 times a day at the familiar window, but does not have a loving gaze on, instead, seeks out in vain. . For days the boy stood there, although there was no sign that his “beloved” was appearing. Until the day he put an end to this habit, but the whole day refused to eat or drink and was completely in sadness. Too worried for the puppy, the owner decided something had to be done to intervene.

Chú chó đều đặn 3 lần một ngày nhìn ra cửa sổ suốt 6 tháng liền bỗng dừng hẳn rồi sinh trầm cảm, chủ tìm hiểu mới biết lý do tại sao - Ảnh 3.

So she wrote a short letter but on a fairly large sheet of paper and handwriting and stuck it on the window in the hope that the neighbor could read it:

“It might sound very crazy, but I think you should know it too. My dog is madly in love with your cat. It’s been six months now. Three times a day, he puts his feet on the railing to see it. Her cat is lying on the window sill But now she has placed the bonsai tree right there which makes my dog very unhappy because he can no longer see the cat. Can the tree disappear? “

Unexpectedly, this letter had reached the person who needed to read it. A few days later, the potted plants were moved back to the window frame and the lovely cat that this dog boy secretly loved. The lovely love story continued from there, on a beautiful day!


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