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How to deal with the big python?

Meeting the big python is one of the worst things a man can encounter in nature.

There have been many cases of python being killed, but there were also survivors. How can I avoid a confrontation or if I fall into this situation, what should I do?

When you encounter a python, you shouldn’t be tempted to let it attack.

According to experts, pythons generally don’t see people as prey, except in rare cases. So the first thing to do when you encounter a python is not to provoke the animal’s attack.

According to, when you encounter pythons as well as snakes, calm down and slowly withdraw, avoid interacting or approaching them.

Large python species like the Burmese python or the brocade python feed on a tight grip. In case of negligence on the part of the python to attack and squeeze the body, the choice is not much.

If feeling unable to control the animal, a person should remain seated on the ground, putting their arm around their neck to prevent the python from squeezing the airways.

There are cases where the python feels that a human is just sitting there and supporting it, thinks that it is not prey and leaves.

But Phinyo Pukphinyo, 49, an experienced snake catcher in Thailand should still note that if the python has too much strength, it is absolutely true that a person is tired and no longer resists. could happen.

If there is a knife or a stick, a person can hit the head of the python hard and even kill the python.

Additionally, the best chance is to grab the python’s tail or have a companion grab it, then use your strength to pull the python out of the body.

The best way to avoid having problems with the python is to not go into the forest alone, where there is no help.

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