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Top 10 smartest talking birds in the world

Here is a list of the 10 smartest talking birds in the world, invite you to check them out.

The smartest talking birds on the planet
1. African Gray Parrot – African Gray Parrot

African gray parrots live in the rainforests of West and Central Africa. It is the smartest bird in the world, they not only hear, understand, but also mimic the voices of surrounding humans and animals such as dogs, cats, hissing … very quickly.

2. Parakeet – Yen Phung Bird

Vẹt Yến Phụng

The Yen Phung parrot or “bird’s nest” is able to record and learn about 300 to 500 words and phrases. In addition, this bird can sing very well if it is well trained.

3. Yellow-necked Amazon – Yellow-headed parrot

Vẹt gáy vàng

Not only are the yellow-necked Amazon parrots able to mimic the tongue, their pronunciation is surprisingly accurate. These parrots can even repeat a simple song that they hear often.

4. Eclectus Parrot

Vẹt Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus parrot is the bird with the clearest pronunciation of the vocabulary among the speaking birds. In addition, this bird can imitate the sounds of the surrounding environment and sing a full song with familiar melodies.

5. Indian parakeet

Vẹt Indian Ring Parakeet

The Indian ring parakeet can learn about 200-250 words. However, the abilities of every child are not the same, their language ability largely depends on the interaction between the teacher and the animal.

6. Monk Parakeet

Vẹt Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeet or Monk Parakeet has the ability to speak if taught by humans. But the linguistic ability of this intelligent bird depends a lot on how often the words are repeated by the teacher.

7. Hill Myna – Birds

Chim Yểng

Chim Yeng impresses with his surprisingly precise pronunciation. This bird is distinguished by its blue-green feathers, red-yellow beak and yellow striped head.

8. Cockatoo – Cockatoo

Vẹt mào

With the ability to hear and imitate familiar sounds, cockatoos speak human languages extremely well. The number of words and their ability to speak depends on the teacher.

9. Yellow-crowned Amazon

Vẹt Yellow-crowned Amazon

The Yellow-crowned Amazon is also a talking parrot, but its speaking ability is uneven in its children, some speak very well while others never speak. Factors relating to the living environment and the frequency of interactions with people will affect their language skills.

10. Blue-fronted Amazon

Vẹt Blue-fronted Amazon

Amazonian blue-fronted parrots are distinguished by a blue color on the head. These birds are native to South America and their language skills depend on the quality of the teacher’s teaching. Amazon blue-fronted parrots are able to talk for hours and are only friendly with their teacher.

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