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Unique pet cafes in Tokyo: there is also a goat cafe

Come on, dog cafes, cat cafes, rabbit cafes, bird cafes … there are plenty of animal cafes in Japan that will make you want to stop for a recording photo if you have the chance. to come here.

Tokyo (Japan) is known to be home to many animal-friendly cafes. Initially the animal cafe fever here began to be cat cafes, but later spread to a number of other animals such as goats, birds, dogs, snakes, rabbits … Besides creating opportunities for customers to come here to take more and more new recording photos, it is also a place that many animal lovers visit regularly.

So let’s explore in Japan which animal cafes are found here.

Cat coffee
Temari no Ouchi

Coming to Temari no Ouchi, many people will not escape the sudden scene in front of a cafe designed in the form of an ancient architectural arch, when you enter you think you have made a mistake in a cat kingdom.

The space here is spacious and airy so cats can run, jump or sleep anywhere and guests can comfortably sit and play with them.

As for the Temari no Ouchi menu, there is a wide range of drinks to choose from, from coffee to cocktails, and snacks and pastries are also served.

Price: around 250k – 350k playing with cats (weekend); 150k after 7:00 p.m. every day.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 1.

MoCHA Shibuya

If you love cute and cute kittens, you definitely don’t want to leave MoCHA Shibuya Cafe. This cafe was opened in July 2015, the owner is a very young person.

Throughout the cafe there is a simple decoration, not too fussy, enough for the kittens to move around easily or find a place to hide in some kennels. The restaurant has 2 spacious floors, so that the number of visitors coming to play with the cat does not have to wait too long.

Price: approximately 45 km / 10 minutes of play with the cats.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 2.

Rabbit coffee
Mrs. Bunny

Although Ms Bunny’s rabbits are usually only kept in cages, there are also times when the rabbits are free to run around outside. Ms. Bunny has about 12 rabbits and a few porcupines and you will only have 10 minutes to play with the bunny under the care of the shop staff.

If you want to play with bunnies for longer, you may need to pay around 180k to play with 2 bunnies for 30 minutes, more than 2 bunnies will lose around 65k more for each. You can even pay extra to take the bunny for a walk and just buy one right away from Ms Bunny.

Price: around 180k / 30 minutes of play with the rabbit on weekdays; 200k / 30 minutes on weekends.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 3.

With Bunny

The restaurant has 5 floors with 26 bunnies, with an impressive terrace at the top, so With Bunny is considered the largest pet cafe in town. With Bunny it’s like a rabbit paradise that you can discover, learn and have fun with. Each time you play you will only be able to choose one bunny, but if you don’t like it, you can completely request to switch to another bunny.

If you play here from 30 minutes to 2 hours, you may need to pay a 500k fee including drink. Although the price is very steep, many people are willing to pay and are happy with the decent quality and service here.

Price: approximately over 500 km / 30 minutes – 2 hours to play with the rabbit.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 4.

Aquamarine dog heart

The dogs in this cafe often have a habit of climbing on customers’ thighs and licking their hands. Alternatively, you can hire a dog from Dog Heart and take it for a walk at the appointed time.

Price: around 200k / 30 minutes; 320k / 60 minutes; 1 hour walking dog rental: 720k.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 5.

Bird cafe
Kotori Café Omotesando (parrot coffee)

Upon entering the door of this cafe, you will be greeted by the voices of colorful parrots. The shop window is one of four miniature aviaries built in the cafe. There are all kinds of parrots, from large to small, or even colorful canaries. Normally the store will only limit you to playing with parrots for about 1 hour here.

Price: around 170k / hour, drink included.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 6.

Fukurou Sabou (owl coffee)

This cafe space is relatively small with 4 seats that just fit, accompanied by 3 tables at each location. The atmosphere was loud, but sometimes interrupted by an owl coming from somewhere. The price to watch owls here is 60k to 200k depending on the rarity of this owl species.

Price: fluctuates around over 100k.

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 7.

Snake Cafe
Tokyo Snake Center

This snake cafe is located in a building in the Harajuku district on the 8th floor, upon entering the cafe you will hardly avoid feeling the thrill of the presence of snakes crawling around. However, rest assured that these snakes have been very well trained and are not poisonous. You will need to pay around 200k at the check-in counter and choose a drink with a snake. After that, spend a few hours enjoying a coffee and watching the snake just picked up from a clear crawling box.

Price: around 200k, including a drink

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 8.

Goat’s coffee
Sakuragaoka Cafe

To find a place to relax and sip a coffee, you can also turn to the Sakuragaoka Café in the Shibuya district. Here are 2 very pretty goats named Sakura and Chocolate (named after their colors). You can absolutely drink coffee while sitting to play with these 2 goats.

Price: fluctuates around 100k (drinks); 140k (food)

Những quán cafe pet độc đáo tại Tokyo: có cả quán cafe dê - Ảnh 9.


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