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The lion climbs the tree to hide from the buffalo

The male lion narrowly escaped after a failed hunt and was surrounded on all sides by angry buffaloes.

Norwegian photographer Olav Thokle captured the moment lions ran for their lives after a failed buffalo hunt in Kenya’s Masai Mara Game Reserve. About five male lions nicknamed the Black Rock Boys followed a herd of more than 500 buffaloes. Four of them managed to get close enough to detect and kill the weaker members of the herd.

However, the lion’s plan fell through when wild buffaloes detected their scent and rushed to pursue. In an attempt to escape, a lion escaped to the nearest tree, climbed high, and stayed there for a long time. Thokle’s photo series shows the great lion hanging from a shelter in a tree fork.

“Suddenly the herd of buffaloes noticed the presence of lions. The strongest buffaloes came towards them. The three lions fled very quickly, but the fourth was surrounded by angry buffaloes and could not escape in time. He saw the trunk grow alone in the open meadow. and climbed safely. The lion stayed in the tree for almost an hour until the buffalo left the area, ”Thokle said.

Đàn trâu rừng bỏ đi sau gần một giờ đứng dưới gốc cây. Ảnh: Olav Thokle.

The Masai Mara reserve is famous for its big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs. Lions are the largest cat species with over 900 individuals living in the area.

The African lion (Panthera leo) is distributed mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. It is the only cat in the world that lives in a group. Lionesses are the main hunters, preying on antelopes, zebras, wildebeest and a number of other mammals. Male lions protect the territory of the whole herd.

The African buffalo, also known as the Cape buffalo, is one of the Big Five, along with the lion, leopard, rhino, and elephant. This buffalo can weigh 1000 kg. The buffalo is widely distributed in eastern and southern Africa and is not an endangered species. Male buffaloes are among Africa’s most dangerous animals. Their horns are juxtaposed, forming a formidable shield. This animal kills around 200 people each year.

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