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This most mysterious fish in the ocean can store sperm for 3 years to gradually spawn

Experts were extremely surprised at the strange ability – to save semen in the fallopian tube, then use it gradually.

Ghost sharks are one of the ocean’s most mysterious creatures. Last year, scientists at the Monterey Bay Marine Research Institute (MBARI) in California, United States, recorded the first image of this creature.

The reason ghost sharks are rarely seen is that they live in the very depths of the ocean, about 380-2600m below the seabed.

Loài cá bí ẩn nhất đại dương này có thể lưu trữ tinh trùng 3 năm để đẻ dần - Ảnh 1.

And recently, scientists at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand also discovered an interesting point about this creature – namely that female ghost sharks have the ability to store male sperm for later use.

Research shows that, like sharks, female ghost sharks have 2 uteri, 2 ovaries, and 2 fallopian tubes.

But male ghost sharks have special, retractable genitals on their foreheads. Additionally, the reproductive organs on the male’s head have hooks, so the fins of female fish can be attached when performing mating tasks. It sounds easy, but this encounter is not easy and sweet with female sharks.

At this time, the female shark will store the sperm received from the male in small tubes in the fallopian tubes. This sperm storage area of ​​female ghost sharks is brown, and they will use that stored sperm to fertilize the eggs the next time around.

Researcher Brit Finucci from Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, said the ability will help female ghost sharks give birth more easily without suffering each time they mate with male fish. Female ghost shark semen can be stored for up to 3 years.

Ghost Shark or Chimera – is a rare blind fish, related to sharks and rays. The chimera has a strange shape with wing-shaped fins, the head and face contain many sensory cells, allowing this animal to sense movements in the water and locate its prey.

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