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The “terrible evil” creatures of the ocean

The sea is home to millions of creatures, beautiful and ugly and among them there are strange animals that really make anyone who first meets them gasp …

1. Fish with a fringed head

The normal face of this fish looks quite strange, but when it detects its prey, its face quickly “distorts”. When the prey is only a few inches away, it opens its mouth as wide as it can, making its face distorted and distorted.


The mouth was wide open to form a deep black hole, swallowing the poor prey.

2. Tunicate

This creature looks like some kind of scary tree that was created from the collision with planets in a sci-fi movie. In fact, it is not a tree, but an animal from the same family as the squid, which feeds on meat and has a very unique way of hunting.

They bury their entire body deep in the ground, waiting for the prey to pass, then opening their mouths to swallow the prey. Thanks to the numerous poisonous filaments in the mouth, the prey is quickly paralyzed and becomes delicious food for it. Additionally, when there are no other species around to mate, this strange creature can also mate to create the next frightening generation.

3. Carpet shark

With a flattened body and many tentacles on their faces, carpet sharks often stay motionless on the seabed and blend into their surroundings to stalk their prey. When a potential prey swims nearby, it attacks with lightning speed.


Because carpet sharks are pragmatic predators, they easily capture any prey they encounter, including their own. Many times, scientists have witnessed this gluttony eating animals several times larger than them like cat sharks …

4. Moon fish

A colorful marine fish living in the ocean, often diving in deep water, where the temperature is low. Due to their round shape, they look exactly like a … “Hang sister” moving on the ocean floor.


The peculiarity is that this fish can be up to 5 m long and weigh up to 1400 kg. Sometimes they can be seen on the surface of the water while basking in the sun, before returning to the deep sea to feed.

5. Coelacanth fish


This coelacanth belongs to an ancient coelacanth that lived in the ocean 50 million years ago. They are small in size, vary in color, and seem to prefer walking over swimming. They are only found in very small numbers in eastern and southern Australia.

6. Black Arowana

Their nature is a predatory fish, so when they encounter prey, they immediately rush to bite it with sharp fangs. They really are a ferocious beast of the ocean despite a modest body.

The adult black arowana is only 15 cm long, has a large head, long and pointed teeth, antennae under the chin are attached with luminescent parts. Additionally, the sides of the arowana’s body can shine on their own to attract mates during mating season.

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