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Dozens of diamonds are inside the parrot

An 8 month old sun macaw named Frosty in Bangkok, Thailand. There are unusual expressions that worry its owner. The parrot not only showed signs of nervous breakdown, but also anorexia, looked very weak, and showed signs of abdominal pain.

Seeing this, Frosty’s owner took him to a nearby veterinary hospital for an exam.

Vet Kuntita Paveenasakorn received and x-rayed Frosty. Looking at the x-ray, the doctor saw a lot of granule-like objects in his abdomen, so he immediately took the parrot for emergency surgery.

The operation lasted 2 hours and the thing that was removed shocked Frosty’s doctor and owner. Because the doctor took out 21 diamonds, each about 0.2 carats, from the parrot’s abdomen. It turned out that the parrot looted its owner’s jewelry box and took the diamonds from the necklace chain.

Speaking about this case, vet Kuntita said, “This bird is easily drawn to bright things. I have seen this case many times but this parrot is special because it has swallowed so many precious diamonds. Small things in the belly have sharp edges that make the parrot stomachache. They can damage the parrot’s internal organs if its owner does not take it to the hospital. “

The doctor also said that Frosty had been sedated before the operation. The parrot will need to stay in the hospital for at least a week before the sore heals.

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