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Doctors Try To Take Away Panda’s Ball. But Watch His Adorable Fit When He Decides He’s Keeping It

Most babies and toddlers have a favorite toy or an item like a special blanket that brings them comfort. In the video, we meet a baby panda who has his own favorite toy, a green ball. The adorable little cub gains huge enjoyment from rolling his ball and climbing all over it.

This little fellow is Xiao Liwu, and at the time this video was recorded he was only a few months old.

Pandas are an endangered species and China permits a few zoological facilities to raise pandas as part of a worldwide movement to establish successful breeding programs.

This special little cub was born at the San Diego Zoo and is surrounded by expert keepers, carers and veterinarians who take care of him.

Unfortunately, his carers need to perform a regular evaluation and health appraisal today. One keeper tries to gently ease the green ball away from the cub in order to check his measurements but Xiao Liwu won’t let anyone take it off him. He grabs it back and clutches it close, wrapping all his chubby little paws around the ball.

The keepers try to distract the little fellow with a log to play with, but he is determined to cling to his green ball. After a lot of rolling around and being just unbearably cute, Xiao Liwu has triumphed! He has his ball back. Luckily the keepers appear to have achieved their appraisal and it’s time for some more dedicated playtime.

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