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New explanation of carrier pigeon abilities

The pigeons used low frequency sound waves to map and find their way.

Since ancient times, the courier / guide pigeons (the scientific name is Columbia Livia) have always been praised and admired for their ability to locate themselves. It was like a messenger in wartime, a medium of long-distance communication.

As we all know, postal pigeons use the Sun as a perfect navigation tool, but how they know their destination is remains a matter of controversy. Recently, experts have speculated that they use ambient sounds to locate themselves and then find their way home.

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To explain this, two hypotheses are proposed, birds rely on their sense of smell or they fly along the magnetic currents of the Earth. But both are still hypotheses and not really convincing.

Therefore, in some areas like Castor Hill and Jersey Hill in the United States, birds always fly in the wrong direction when trying to find their way back even though they don’t have this problem elsewhere.

In another place near the town of Weedsport (USA), the little birds are flying in the wrong direction and the older ones are not. There are also some days when all the birds released in these places can find their way back without any problem.

Further analysis, scientists found, that Columbia Livia pigeons can hear low frequency sound waves, only 0.1 to 0.2 Hz. Infrasound waves can originate from the ocean and interfere with the atmosphere , pigeons most likely depend on infrasound for navigation.

So they mapped a negative map of low-frequency sounds on the days of the week and the days the birds might find their way back from Jersey Hill.

As a result, the researchers found that due to specific weather and topographic conditions, Jersey Hill was in a “sound shadow”.

As a result, very little or no infrasound current will enter this area except for 1 day when wind and temperature patterns change. This coincided with the day when the pigeon was able to find its way back without a problem. This phenomenon is similar to the Castor Hills but here the infrasound currents are diverted and deflected.

This discovery is believed to be the answer to studies of pigeons in this area. But there are many other studies supporting the hypothesis such as pigeons using electrical currents from Earth or using sniffers …

Cependant, la méthode utilisée par chaque oiseau pour déterminer sa direction peut varier en fonction de l’emplacement de la cage et de l’endroit où elle vit.

Dans certains endroits, ils utiliseront des courants infrasons, mais dans d’autres, ils utiliseront le reniflement. Mais la vérité irréversible est la grande capacité de navigation de cet oiseau.


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