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7 dogs teamed up to destroy the owner’s saddle, and even acted deeply when “questioned”

The expensive motorbike, although carefully cramped by the owner in the iron fence, was still bitten by 7 “teaming” dogs. However, the task of “questioning” to find the culprit is actually quite daunting as each uncle shows an innocent face!

Anyone who has pets also thinks of the prospect of them being gentle, obedient, and becoming a cute friend of mine. But in fact, whether you have a dog or a cat, you will one day have a headache from their misdeeds and misdeeds.

7 chú chó hợp sức phá tan yên xe của chủ, lại còn diễn sâu khi bị hỏi cung - Ảnh 1.

The expensive motorcycle was destroyed even though it was tied up in a wire mesh

Recently a guy shared on social media pictures of himself “questioning” a herd of 7 puppies about the “crime” of damaging property quite seriously! Specifically, the expensive motorcycle of this type, although carefully placed in the iron frame, is still “hacked” by someone and crushed the saddle.

7 chú chó hợp sức phá tan yên xe của chủ, lại còn diễn sâu khi bị hỏi cung - Ảnh 2.

Here are 7 “suspects”

“The criminal cannot be identified, the security camera cannot detect the suspect because all the faces are the same. And they all turn on depth mode” – a humorous handwriting shared account. It is really hard to find the “culprit” because these 7 dogs all show the pitiful and innocent face possible.

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