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Hundreds of black vultures have invaded the American city

Headache in Pennsylvania is trying to cope with migrating vultures that persist longer due to climate change.

Residents of Marietta, Pennsylvania are confronted with a flood of black vultures. The birds have a wingspan of up to 1.5 meters. This scavenger relentlessly destroys roofs and garbage cans and covers the tops of trees with manure.

Townspeople were forced to bang on pots and howl to scare off birds, some of which even set off fireworks. Many others hang stuffed vultures in their yards, as they seem to be afraid of their corpse companions. In the United States, it is strictly forbidden to trap, kill or possess black vultures. Violators can face a fine of $ 15,000 and 6 months in prison. Making a vulture dummy is quite efficient but expensive and requires a permit from the authorities.

Vultures have been a growing problem in northeastern Pennsylvania for at least a decade, but this is its worst year. In autumn and winter, vultures like to gather in groups and are drawn to the warmth of the fireplace. Hundreds of animals have gathered on the trees, pecking at pebbles, tearing rubber cushions from car windows, rummaging through trash cans for food.

In the past, black vultures were migratory birds, but climate change is causing them to stay longer in the northeast. Not only by eating scavengers, black vultures also kill small animals, causing problems for farmers and livestock owners. Their droppings can kill plants and carry diseases like salmonella and encephalitis. Black vultures can also secrete a powerful defense-eroding substance. In addition, they sometimes drop prey from a height of 100 m, damaging radio poles, houses and frightening pedestrians.

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