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10 animals that run the fastest on Earth

Here is a list of the 10 fastest animals in the world according to statistics from WondersList. Cheetahs, dancing gazelles and horned antelopes are considered to be the fastest speed athletes in the land animal world.

1. The cheetah is the fastest running animal on Earth with a top speed of 115 km / h. A cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h in 3 seconds and reach a maximum running speed in 60 seconds.

Báo cheetah

2. The Jumping Gazelle – Springbok, with a maximum running speed of 100 km / h, is considered one of the fastest animals in South Africa. In addition to running fast, this antelope is also able to jump from about 4 m high.

Linh dương nhảy

3. Pronghorn – Pronghorn. Strong legs help this antelope reach a maximum running speed of 88.5 km / h.

Linh dương sừng nhánh

4. Blue wildebeest, with a maximum speed of 80.5 km / h.

Linh dương đầu bò xanh

5. Blackbuck – Blackbuck, with long V-shaped twisted horns. They can reach incredible speeds, up to 80 km / h.

Linh dương đen Ấn Độ

6. When chased by enemies, the European hare can reach a maximum speed of 77 km / h. Even this animal can run backwards without slowing down and jump about 5-7m high.

Thỏ rừng châu Âu

7. With super fast hunting speed, maximum 71 km / h, the African wild dog is one of the fastest animals in the world.

Chó hoang châu Phi

8. Normally, a kangaroo has an average speed of around 26 km / h, but when in danger it can accelerate to 71 km / h. Kangaroo only needs 1.2 minutes to go 2 km with a speed of 40 km / h.


9. Horse speed can vary from 56 to 70 km / h, depending on the breed of horse.


10. With a top speed of 70 km / h, the wild ass is last on the list of the 10 fastest animals in the world.

Lừa hoang

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