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Fisherman’s net becomes a buffet for sea lions

A crazy swarm of sea lions attacks a fisherman’s net full of fish. The great catch has suddenly become their lunch.

Swarm of seals invades a net full of fishes

News worldwide has shown how global warming has abruptly affected the food chain, especially in the arctic region. Animals in both land and water have struggled to find a meal to make them live through for the day.

This trending clip is one of the best proof of that environmental disaster claim. A group of hungry sea lions has invaded a fisherman’s net that is full of fish.

The unfortunate fishermen attempted to shove the swarm, however, to no avail. All they can do is watch as their supposed catch has become an excellent treat for the hungry invaders.

As we continually live without the concept of giving back to our mother nature, it’s not surprising to see how nature makes its own way of taking things from us.

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