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The python in the United States is famous for its unique rainbow skin

A python whose skin sparkles like a rainbow in the sun at a California zoo has gained public attention, after its image was posted online.

The python named “MyLove” is fascinating to anyone who sees it. “MyLove” lives at the Fountain Valley Reptile Zoo in California, United States, he rose to fame after a video of the zookeeper holding him in the sun was posted on Instagram, Fox News reported.

Under the effect of the sun, the python’s skin takes on a beautiful rainbow color. Since posting to Instagram last week, the python video has garnered over 31,735 likes.

Many Instagram users have used words like “beautiful”, “amazing” to describe this python’s sparkling skin.

Jay Brewer, the founder of the reptile zoo, told Fox News that the zoo-bred MyLove python has a genetic mix between the Southeast Asian reticulated python and the Burmese golden python, which helps the skin. to its sparkling rainbow. the light.

“He’s a super cute python. Its sweetness is one of the best I have ever seen, ”said Brewer.

The zookeeper added that this is not the first time the MyLove python has appeared online. Every time someone posts a photo online it gets a lot of attention.

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