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Mother bird makes beautiful nest for new offspring

If you have ever wondered how long it takes a mother bird to build and perfect her nest before laying her eggs, this video is exactly what you need to satisfy your curiosity.

In this time-lapse footage provided by the British Trust for Ornithology, a Blue tit mother bird spends several weeks creating, building, and perfecting her nest inside an empty wooden birdhouse.


Of course, you probably don’t have 40 days to watch the entire process, which is why the BTO was kind enough to condense days and weeks of footage into an 8-minute time-lapse video.

Now you can enjoy the initial moments when the mother sizes up her new home, stepping into the bare wooden birdhouse for the first time. From there, she sets diligently to work.

It is amazing to see how diligently she works, and how patient she remains throughout the process, constantly bringing in new materials and sometimes removing items she deems unacceptable.

By the end of several weeks of planning and building, the mother bird has created a comfortable, cozy little home that is well-suited for her needs and for the needs of her little eggs.

As soon as she is satisfied with her new home furnishings, she lays her eggs and sets about the next important part of the process – incubating her eggs until they hatch.

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