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Tiny Little Monkey Creates Wholesome Friendship With Lovable Pups

There is something special that tugs at the heartstrings when it comes to animal friendships. While it’s always cute when pets of the same species get along, it’s an entirely different experience when an unlikely duo comes to be.

Before being assigned to a wildlife protection organization, a cute little monkey was at a rescue center. There, the precious animal found two new best friends when she met a couple of friendly puppies that called the rescue home.

It doesn’t take long for the primate to introduce herself to the curious canines. You can see that they instantly hit it off and can’t get enough of each other. Doesn’t their bond bring a smile to your face?

The monkey watches as the two pups wrestle with each other next to a plethora of toys. After some roughhousing, the three buddies explore their surroundings and become instantly inseparable friends for life.

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