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11 most beautiful birds on the planet

1. Golden hemorrhoids (Chrysolophus pictus)

Asian golden hemorrhoids are bred like a pet bird. Their homeland is in the mountainous regions of western China, but in England and elsewhere there are also wild populations.

2. Flamingos (Phoenereoidae)

Flamingos live in both the northern and southern hemisphere. They often stand on one leg. We don’t know why they have this habit. Their tongues are considered a popular dish by the ancient Romans. And the miners working in the Ande mountains hunt flamingos because they believe their fat cures tuberculosis.

3. The golden king of the north (Icterus galbula)

The Northern Phoenix is a small bird with alternating black and yellow feathers, weighing only around 34g and 18cm in length. As one of the brightly colored birds, the majesty is not only beautiful but also very beautiful. For this reason, people often use the expression “golden rabbit” to refer to a woman.

4. Greetings Cardinalis cardinalis

Surely you know why this bird is called the cardinal? The bird has bright red wings, even a red hat, and a small body about 21-23 cm in length. They have a masked facade, a black masked man, a gray masked woman.

5. Uyen Uy (Aix sponsa)

The lovebird is in fact only a migratory bird, belonging to the family of mallards. They still have a couple and this image is equated with happy couples. The male is more beautiful than the female, the plumage is multicolored, in harmony from one color to another, the eyes are red. The female is not as showy as the male, and her eyes and neck ring are white.


6. Kingfisher (Halcyonidae)

6. Kingfisher (Halcyonidae) There are a total of 90 types of kingfishers. The shape of the kingfisher is not very balanced: large head, long and pointed bill, short legs, short tail. Only the clothes are beautiful. The King’s Eye is very slender and its diving speed is exceptionally fast. Kingfisher is present all over the world.

7.gather up the soil (Passerina ciris)

The sparrow is considered the most beautiful bird in North America, looks like a painters palette, making some think they are painted or not “work” of nature. Full of bright colors. Therefore, the land is easy to find and hunt because it cannot “fit in” anywhere.

8. Green Mine Tucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus)

This bird lives in the forests of South America, from southern Mexico to Honduras. They are about 50cm long, are green around the eyes. The bill is large, also green, but the edge of the bill is orange and the tip is red. The tucan’s beak also looks big but it is lightweight due to its porosity.

9. Macao Parrot (Ara macao)

Macau parrots and feathers mix bright colors. Their homeland is in tropical South America, the most abundant in Brazil and Peru. Probably known to biologists only when the Portuguese brought them to Macau, so they got this name.

10. Cong (Pavo)

Peacocks are large birds belonging to the pheasant family. The peacock has a very beautiful coat. When the peacock dances (to seduce the peacock), the tail is spread out like a fan and very beautiful. In Asia, many countries raise domestic workers like raising chickens for meat and eggs.

11. Bird of the sky

Bird of Paradise is found in New Guinea and surrounding islands. Two other species of paradisiacal birds called “manucodes” and “riflebirds” grow in Australia. Most birds of paradise live in tropical forests (including rainforest, swamps, and moss forests). Several species inhabit coastal mangroves.

The brightly colored feathers are the reason why birds of paradise have become a prime target for hunters, which has led to the extinction of some of the birds of paradise. The indigenous tribes of New Guinea often use the feathers of paradise birds in their costumes and rituals.

Over the centuries, the feathers of the bird are also commonly used in Europe as jewelry for women. It killed a lot of birds of paradise. At the same time, deforestation has destroyed the habitats of birds, leading to the fact that this bird is on the list of needs to be protected in many countries.

Chim thiên đường

Bird of Paradise is found in New Guinea and surrounding islands.

The birds of paradise have a unique dance that displays their unique looks. This dance of male birds not only helps them to attract the attention of the female bird, but also prevents people nearby from taking their eyes off this interesting bird.

The other thing is that the male bird spends most of its life attracting mates. Birds of paradise build their nests from soft materials, such as leaves, ferns, and vines. This bird has a habit of often placing nests in tree holes.

The number of eggs laid by the bird of paradise varies with the size of each species. Larger species usually only lay one egg, but smaller species can lay 2-3 eggs per litter. The eggs hatch after 16 to 22 days. After that, the baby bird will leave the nest for 16-30 days.

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