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10 most beautiful species of fish in the world

1, mandarin fish (poinsettia fish)

The Poinsettia fish is known as one of the best fish in the world. Their head and body are a perfect combination of blue, orange-red. The fish is blue-green in color and has orange lines on the body. Usually found in northern Australia in the South East Pacific region. The mandarin is the most beautiful fish for its bright color and its fins precipitate in clusters.

Cá Mandarin

2, Discus (Discus)

This fish is also known as Pompadour fish, named after the French King Louis XV Madame Pompadour. The discus fish is native to the Amazon basin. According to the different waters, the fish have different colors such as brown, green, red, yellow and blue. In the oceans, this fish is often found in coral reefs and rocky areas. These beautiful little fish are known for their flat disc bodies and live in groups, flocks, covered with aquatic plants where they receive indirect sunlight.

Cá Discus (Cá dĩa)

3 clown fish

Clownfish are often found in coral reefs, where they easily escape predators. There are almost 28 different species of clownfish. The body of the clownfish is covered with orange and white stripes. The funny thing about this fish is that when they are born they are both males, but when they grow up they turn into females. They swam in attractive groups and moved very quickly.

Cá hề

4, King Fish mature

Emperor fish, also known in some parts of the world as the Imperator or Imperial Angelfish, have a dark green body covered in bright yellow horizontal stripes reaching to the top of their head with a yellow tail fin. pale to orange. This angel fish is a fish where the fry are very different from the big fish. The colors of their emperor fish were not very bright. This is probably due to a nutritional problem. In the wild, Emperor Angelfish often eats sponges.

Cá Hoàng đế trưởng thành

5 lionfish

Despite being on the list of the most beautiful fish in the world, the lionfish is also poisonous to fight enemies. This is the best way to protect her beauty. The fish has white and red stripes covering the body. The origin of this fish is in the Indo-Pacific region. The fish have protruding fins that help them swim faster in the water and catch their prey. The length of the fish varies from 10 to 15 inches. It can also weigh up to 1.5 kg.

Cá Sư tử

6, trigger clownfish

The bullfish, also known as the calf, is a species of fish in the Balistidae family found throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Bong Bi Fish has an extremely impressive color, so this fish always appears the most in the aquarium. Clownfish are found along coral reefs in the wild, wherever crustaceans and other invertebrates live. Their name is Bong Bi Beef, due to the mark of the fish, as well as the dots on the body.

Clown Trigger Fish (Cá Bò Bông Bi)

7, Banggai fish

Banggai fish are commonly found on Banggai Island in Indonesia. It is one of the gentle fish species and lives in the shallow waters of the island. They are around 8cm long and look quite small compared to other fish. Their bodies are covered in black and have white markings. The only way to distinguish a man from a woman is through the oral cavity.

Cá Banggai

8, Moorish idol

The Moorish fish is one of the smallest species of fish, even in adulthood the size of this fish is still small. You can find it in South Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Japan. The body is covered with black and yellow. They roam the coral reefs in large numbers and can spend most of their time above water. The Moorish name comes from Africa, it is believed that the fish is a sign of luck.
Moorish Idol

9, blue-faced angel fish (blue-faced angel fish)

This fish has a brighter head color than other parts of the body. Found in regions of the ocean like Australia, Micronesia and the Indian Ocean. The lifespan of fish is about 10 years. Length up to 14 inches. Children, their bodies are covered with alternating stripes of black, white and blue sapphire. When it reaches about 12.7 cm (5 inches), the body color gradually turns pale yellow with blue scales and light yellow pectoral fins.

Cá Blue-face Angel (Cá thần tiên mặt xanh)

10, sea slug

The nudibranch is a species of mollusk that lives in tropical waters and is related to the sea slug. They are usually found at the bottom of shallow seas. Eye-catching multi-colored skin is revealed when their shell is lost in adulthood. Nudibranchs do not have a shell, so in order to protect themselves and avoid the risk of attack, they can take advantage of the body’s brightly colored characteristics to mix with algae, corals, or other marine life. This is considered an effective form of camouflage, which can confuse the enemy.
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