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Seeing that the companion dog is often in hiding, he was suspicious, so he decided to follow him, the owner was amazed at what he saw

Dogs are intelligent and agile animals, they play an indispensable role in human life.

The existence of dogs adds color and flavor to our lives, makes us feel more joy, pleasant surprises, reduces boring and boring days.

There was a guy who had a companion dog. Normally this dog is very obedient and lovable. However, recently I don’t understand why this dog is constantly hiding.

Thấy chó cưng thường xuyên trốn ra ngoài, sinh nghi nên quyết định theo dõi, chủ nhân kinh ngạc trước những gì nhìn thấy

This action kept repeating itself for several days, giving a master like him the feeling that something was very unusual. Adding curiosity, the boy decided to follow the animal to see what he ended up fighting and doing.

That day, the companion dog again escaped. The boy followed him. Out of his imagination, the dog ran straight to a pond inside the park, then bowed down by the pond, silently looking at the pond.

Looking at the pond, the boy discovered that there were a lot of Koi fish swimming back and forth on the water.

Thấy chó cưng thường xuyên trốn ra ngoài, sinh nghi nên quyết định theo dõi, chủ nhân choáng trước cảnh tượng trước mắt - Ảnh 2.

The boy said to himself: does his dog want to eat fish?

But right after that he saw a fairly large Koi fish swimming towards his dog, the dog saw the Koi fish swimming nearby, then he stuck his tongue out at “the opponent”, the two “soft” animals. to one another. “

Seeing this scene, the young man was extremely surprised, his eyes were O-shaped, his mouth was A. What’s going on? Could it be that her dog is in love with this Koi fish?

So far the boy still has unanswered questions on his mind.

After being shared, many internet users also find it difficult to understand, but there are also people who think that dogs are emotional animals and that the reaction of “two youngsters” may be a conditioned reflex that we have heard.

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