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Why is it dark at night? The 200-year-old mystery has the answer

There are still mysteries in this world that no one can answer. “Why is there day and night?” – This question is not as simple as you might think.

For centuries there is a mystery that has baffled many scientists that cannot be solved. That is the question: why is it dark at night?

Do you think this question is silly? It is common knowledge that the Earth revolves around the Sun and revolves around itself. So the side facing the Sun will be day and the deflection will be night.

However, the problem is that from the start people knew that the universe is infinite and that it contains many stars. Each star emits its own light, so it is impossible for the Earth to darken at any time. But the truth is, we still have night and day. Why?

This question was asked by Heinrich Olbers – a German astronomer in 1823, titled “The Olbers Paradox”.

However, later experts estimated that the universe has only around 100-200 billion galaxies in the observable range, which is not enough to cover the sky and illuminate the Earth at night. The Olbers paradox is therefore no longer important.

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