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6 things we still don’t know about the people of ancient Egypt

These are all amazing facts about the ancient Egyptians that you won’t find in the history books.

Few civilizations are more mysterious and fascinating than ancient Egypt. So many questions and secrets about Egypt attract scientists to explore and discover.

And because of the distance of thousands of years, do you think life in ancient times was much different from ours? If so, you are probably a little confused. Travel back in time to find out the truth about the lives of the ancients – interesting things you certainly won’t find in any book.

1. Ancient Egyptian family members did not have breakfast together

Few would have guessed that members of ancient Egyptian families, especially nobles, did not have breakfast together.

Instead, the head of the family will eat breakfast alone. Normally, after taking a bath, a servant would bring food to his master. While waiting for the master to finish eating, the women were allowed to eat.

Family members only eat at the same table for lunch or dinner. In addition, beer was an indispensable drink in the meal of the ancient Egyptians.

2. “Wooden mummy” is dragged in front of many people

The painting “An Egyptian Feast” – (roughly translated: The Banquet of the Ancient Egyptians) by artist Edwin Longsden Long presents a strange scene. It was a scene where a slave was dragging a mummy in front of the guests.

6 điều chúng ta còn chưa biết về con người thời kỳ Ai Cập cổ đại - Ảnh 2.

However, behind this image there is a special message. The fact that the humanoid wooden statue is pulled in front of many people is intended to show the public the brevity of human life. The message accompanying the painting is “Enjoy life for soon you will be like a statue, returning to dust”.

3. The ancient Egyptians took shoes seriously

Most of the ancient Egyptians walked barefoot, even the Pharaohs did. However, they have a special maid – responsible for keeping their sandals on.

6 điều chúng ta còn chưa biết về con người thời kỳ Ai Cập cổ đại - Ảnh 3.

Because the sandal is a necessary item for a person after death. Therefore, in the tomb of the dead there is always a place for sandals. These sandals are also very special because they are made of gold, although in reality such a heavy sandal that the pharaoh could barely walk a few steps.

4. The ancient Egyptians were very fond of animals

The ancient Egyptians were among the first to keep animals as pets. They not only love cats, but dogs, storks, hawks, and monkeys are also their pets.

6 điều chúng ta còn chưa biết về con người thời kỳ Ai Cập cổ đại - Ảnh 4.

The image above shows a man smelling his pet dog or giving him water with his mouth. It shows an extremely close friendship.

Other evidence also shows that monkeys and dogs were used to help soldiers patrol the territory. In addition, to show their attachment to the animal, after the owner’s death, his animal is also mummified and placed in the owner’s grave.

5. Women of ancient Egypt were not afraid to wear topless clothes đồ

There is a lot of evidence that ancient Egyptian women wore a simple dress called a kalasiris – a long, 1-2-string skirt, hugging the body. The neckline is quite deep and usually begins from below the bust to reveal the full breasts of ancient Egyptian women.

This dress was for all women, whether secondary or modest – slaves, maids, even people of the aristocracy. At that time, this type of dress was not considered shameful due to its sexy and “breathable” look, but on the contrary, it was also in fashion.

6. The dancers perform without clothing

6 điều chúng ta còn chưa biết về con người thời kỳ Ai Cập cổ đại - Ảnh 6.

Ancient Egyptian dancers appeared before the audience in transparent or nude costumes. They can only wear skirts or belts. During this time, the dancers will wear aprons.

It seems that for the ancient Egyptians, dancing in dancing was more important than clothing. And as if to cover part of the body and distract the viewer, they will use their perfumes, jewelry and hairstyles.

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