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Why do dogs often stick their heads out of car windows?

In addition to satisfying the need for adventure and exploring its surroundings, sticking your head out of a car window and sticking your tongue out is a way for dogs to better understand the world.

In dogs, poking their heads out of a car window makes them visible and more prominent, sensing their surroundings. Dogs are adventurous, so it’s fun to discover new places, sounds and smells.

Dogs like a lot of things, like rubbing their stomachs, throwing a plate, or chewing on your shoes. Sometimes just a pat or a pleasant outing will make your dog feel loved and cared for. As your dog gets to know and trust you, he will learn to smell your scent through everything you own.

Việc thò đầu ra ngoài cửa sổ ô tô giúp chúng có thể nhìn thấy và ngửi thấy mùi xung quanh.

However, dogs also have another hobby that a lot of people must have seen which involves sticking your head out of car windows while moving around.

Maybe you just think the dog is enjoying the breeze and the scenery. It’s just our outside perspective. But in fact, dogs “get” their own landscape and environment.

Dogs experience the world through their sense of smell

There is a good reason dogs were chosen for detection of illegal drugs, disease, and rotten products, because dogs are an animal with an amazing sense of smell. It is about 10,000 times more sensitive than humans. He may even find “a needle in a film or in hay”.

A dog with a well-trained sense of smell can do very impressive things. The sight of a dog finding a missing person after sniffing the scent of their clothes in movies is very real. Rescue dogs are also often used to help locate people lost as a result of natural disasters or accidents.

Anatomy of Dog Odor Perception

When walking on the road, dogs often like to stick their heads out the window. At first glance, this carefree dog breed seems obvious and enjoys the scenery and its surroundings. But in fact, dogs do it on purpose to feel the air flying through their noses.

When air enters the dog’s nose, it can follow one of three paths, which is up, middle, or down. The upper aisle was born for the purpose of smelling and sensing the environment, while the rest below is primarily for breathing.

The upper part of the nose has a very special design and function. Its passage looks like a complicated maze (photo below). The air will pass through a series of nooks and crannies in the nose before encountering nearly 300 million odor receptors in the epithelial cell layer of the nose. This labyrinth structure greatly increases the area in contact with odor molecules and increases the ability to smell and perceive the scent around them.

For humans, we only have a long nose connected to each other. Olfactory receptors are deeper in the nose. But the structure of the human nose has the disadvantage that the parts that serve to smell and breathe share the same path. Speaking of nostrils, their nasal structure divides into two distinct nostrils. This distinction is so sensitive that the dog can detect whether a scent is coming from the left or the right, depending on which nostril is more aromatic.

What’s more, the maze-like structure even helps the dog retain their scent and continue to analyze them even after they leave. The olfactory receptors then relay the data to an olfactory information processing unit in the brain called the olfactory cortex or olfactory cortex. The olfactory cortex of dogs is 40 times larger than ours.

Thanks to a construction with a special connection system, the dog can remember the olfactory signs in many different places. This is the reason why many people say that dogs “see with their noses”.

Dogs enjoy the view

Smelling inside a car can be annoying for dogs. It’s like watching a certain program continuously. However, the ambiance and smell outside the car window is extremely interesting and worth exploring for dogs, a species that has always loved adventures.

Chó thích thò mặt ra cửa sổ

Smelling inside a car can be annoying for dogs.

In addition to smelling things by smelling things, dogs can look and feel the landscape around them. Although dogs’ vision is not very fast, they can still use their eyes to smell the world. All of their senses work together and create a big picture.

Being able to perceive their surroundings through sight, hearing, and smell at the same time helps dogs understand the world more easily. This is not to say that dogs love the feeling of freedom and experience the wind blowing their faces and feathers.

That said, not all dogs are created equal. Some species simply stick their snouts out, while others place their feet through a window to fully breathe the outside air. In general, this behavior of dogs is a way for them to explore and feel their surroundings with all of the inherent senses such as smell, sight and hearing.

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