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The love “brotherhood” is close between the boy and the bull born on the same day

To be honest, little Dilan’s strong bond with his dog Farley is pure, unconditional, irreplaceable, and inseparable.

Having an emotional lifestyle and absolute loyalty, dogs are often compared to human best friends. But with young boy Dilan and little dog Farley, the feelings are as close as the siblings of the family. Since the “brotherhood,” Dilan and Farley have hardly separated.
Dilan was born in Chicago, USA 8 months ago. Coincidentally, small breeds of French bulls were born in Chicago on the same day of birth as Dilan.
After the discovery of this coincidence, Farley was adopted by Dilan’s family at the age of five months.
Mrs Ivette Ivens, 25 – mother Dilan said, Farley still follows family members, especially Dilan. He followed the boy to any corner of the house.
Like an older brother, Farley could patiently play with Dilan all day long without getting bored or trying not to snore when the two were napping.
Whenever Dilan finished eating, Farley would always clean up the battlefield.
Or when Dilan cries, Farley comforts him by licking the boy’s neck, sometimes like that, Dilan laughs with amusement.
As for Dilan, he still thinks Farley is the same as him as they are the same height, learning to walk and chew at the same age.
As a professional photographer, expensive bonding moments between the boy and the little dog fell on Ivette’s lens.For her, seeing two “children” playing together is extremely happy. To be honest, it is pure, unconditional, irreplaceable and inseparable love.

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