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After 12 years of “abandonment”, Pluto again makes people want to call it planet

In fact, the issue is still very controversial. In your opinion, does Pluto deserve to be called a planet?

Prior to 2006, Pluto (or Pluto) was still considered the ninth planet in the solar system. However, at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, scientists found more and more objects with masses similar to Pluto.

Therefore, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) has defined a new definition, in which celestial bodies want to be considered as planets must meet certain standards. And also from here, the solar system has only 8 planets, the star of Pluto has been “downgraded” to a dwarf planet.

But despite her abandonment, Pluto is not alone when she attracts a large number of supporters and tries to reclaim her “identity”.

As recently, Alan Stern and David Grinspoon – two astronomers from the New Horizons Project did an article on the Washington Post, in which there are very plausible arguments for seeking justice for Pluto.

We know that in 2006, the definition of the IAU planet must meet 3 criteria.

1. Must have an orbit around the Sun.

2. Must have a gravity strong enough to form a sphere – or close to a sphere.

3. The vicinity of the orbit of the planet must be clarified during its formation.

Since Pluto’s proximity is the Kuiper Belt with so many celestial bodies – even those with greater mass – it is no longer called the planets.

Sau 12 năm bị ruồng bỏ, sao Diêm Vương lại một lần nữa khiến người ta muốn gọi nó là hành tinh - Ảnh 2.

But according to Stern and Grinspoon, this definition is no longer relevant. First, taking into account the 3 criteria, the Earth might no longer be considered a planet, because our neighborhood still has too many mysterious celestial bodies that have not yet been cleansed.

Also, this definition does not apply to exoplanets (exoplanets) – planets outside the solar system. Over time, more and more exoplanets are discovered, and more and more strange standards for planets need to be added.

And in the end, both assumed that Pluto was fully qualified as a planet. The simple reason is that the term “planet” should be used to describe a world with certain geographic features, rather than just paying attention to its orbit.

“We should use the word” planets “to describe planets with certain properties” – said Stern.

“When we see a planet with characteristics like: glaciers, glaciers made of nitrogen, a blue sky surrounded by an atmosphere, we just call it planets. And Pluto is complete. All the same.”

In 2017, Stern and Grinspoon once proposed to add a criterion on the definition of the planet, namely: “Spherical objects are smaller than a star”.

But unfortunately, few scientists support this definition, because if so, our Moon could also be considered a planet.

Some prominent astronomers like Neil deGrasse also don’t consider Pluto a planet, with a firm claim at the end of 2017.

Overall, it is not clear whether Pluto will be rendered as another planet, only knowing that the debate around it will persist for a long time into the future. In short, bravo Pluto, since the “boy” was abandoned but not alone.

Do you think Pluto deserves to be recognized as a planet?

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