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Two-headed dolphin caught Dutch fisherman’s net

Dutch fishermen caught the tethered twin dolphins while fishing in the sea.

The world’s first monogamous twin dolphin caught a fishing net in the waters off the Netherlands on May 30, according to RT.

Discovering the dolphins in their nets, the Dutch fishermen threw it into the sea after taking a few photos for fear that it would be illegal to bring the animal back to land.

Although it is impossible to examine the dolphin’s body, the researchers said the discovery would fill the knowledge gap about cohesive marine mammals. According to Dr. Erwin Kompanje, it is the result of the phenomenon of “partially conjoined twins” which causes two-headed creatures to develop fully on one body.

It is the 10th ever-discovered twin of marine mammals (including whales, dolphins and mouse dolphins), according to a study published June 7 in the museum’s online journal, Natural History of Rotterdam.

“Even common twins are rare in marine mammals, only 0.5% of pregnant marine mammals are capable of twins. Enough space to accommodate one more fetus,” said Dr. Kompanje, a new scientist.

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