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An interesting story of the king of the forest: for the male tiger, “woman and children” comes first!

Tigers are known as the lord of all creatures, but along with the “family” they are also very loving and responsible.

Not only by conquering all species with exceptional strength, tigers also have many natural characteristics that even the animal kingdom, even humans, must respect. These characteristics teach people many profound lessons in life, the most important of which is love of family.

Male tigers always give in to female tigers and young tigers eat first

Câu chuyện thú vị từ chúa sơn lâm: Với hổ đực, vợ con là trên hết! - Ảnh 1.

Unlike lions which live in herds, tigers live and hunt alone. When they marry and give birth to females, in addition to hunting together, the male tigers will be the mainstay to feed and nourish “the women and the children”. Importantly, when hunting for prey, the male tiger will give in to the female and young tigers to eat first.

It’s a real surprise in nature, where power determines everything. If a group of lions feed on prey, the first to eat are the male lions in the herd, the female lions are the main hunters. Tiger is not like that. They put family first, ready to share in taking responsibility for protecting the family.

This characteristic of tigers is worth learning. Family is the most wonderful thing God gives to every person, so please love and live responsibly with the family as the King of the Mountain did.

The tiger is strong because he must be independent very early on

At the age of 2, tigers will have to leave their mother to seek new territory and begin to live on their own. This makes half of all tigers born unable to live longer than 2 years due to the harsh living environment. However, those who pass this stage will become courageous and worthy of the title of mighty lord.

In life, being independent will help you grow and be successful faster. After all, the only person who stays with you is yourself, so just rely on yourself.

Tigers are very patient when they hunt

The tiger prey according to the strategy of the rod and the leap. They cautiously approach their prey, take advantage of trunks, bushes and cliffs to hide and patiently wait for the opportunity to attack. They pressed their bodies to the ground and moved cautiously, gently towards their prey. When the prey loses its guard, the tiger quickly pounces on it and will kill the victim.

This tiger’s predatory approach teaches us a lesson in patience. In many cases, you will have to wait for the “ripe opportunity” to act. Success will come if there is effort, effort and patience.

Tigers are ready to hunt for bigger prey

Câu chuyện thú vị từ chúa sơn lâm: Với hổ đực, vợ con là trên hết! - Ảnh 3.

Most animals choose to hunt smaller prey. Domestic cats like to hunt rats, large fish eat small fish, even lions choose to hunt only young antelopes. As for tigers, they are ready to hunt larger animals like rhinos, bears, elephants, … even crocodiles.

If it takes at least 10 lions to hunt an almost mature elephant, the tiger can do it on its own. The reason they are able to do this is due to their recklessness, aggressiveness and assertiveness. They see it as a challenge to help them get stronger.

Be like a tiger, constantly finding and accepting new challenges. The recklessness and assertiveness of conquering these challenges not only helps you to be stronger, but also brings fruits that others are difficult to achieve.

* Some interesting scientific information about tigers that you may not know:

– Experts believe that tigers can easily defeat lions when they fight.

Tigons and Lions can mate with each other and give birth to hybrid offspring called Tigons or Lingers.

Tigers don’t see humans as prey, but they can attack if threatened.

– Tigers often hunt at night because their eyesight is most effective at this time.

– Tigers can imitate other animals to attract their prey.

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