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One-eyed calf is worshiped as a god in India

The calf has a distinctive appearance due to a rare congenital disease and is cared for with care by people.

The birth of a one-eyed cow has attracted a lot of attention in the state of West Bengal, India. He has only one big eye in the center of his face, seems to have no nose, and it is very difficult to breathe.

“Since the calf was born, people have come to see it. They regarded the animal as a divine miracle and began to worship it. He was abandoned by his mother and now some women are feeding him. People think. that the cult of the calf will bring luck and prosperity to the family, ”explained one resident.

In fact, cows suffer from cyclopia, a rare congenital disease that can occur in humans and animals. This condition develops in the womb, when the left and right hemispheres of the right brain do not separate normally during early pregnancy.

The result is a single orbit that forms in the center of the face, but sometimes the eyeballs are only partially fused or even separated. The eyelashes and eyelids disappear, the upper jaw is underdeveloped, and the nose is deformed as is the case with the Indian calf. Creatures with cyclopia often die at birth or soon after due to brain and respiratory problems.

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