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This martial eagle dove to the ground to capture the hump

Africa’s largest bird of prey demonstrates its masterful hunting skills when it comes to picking up bumps from above and eating meat on the spot.

Nazeem Mohammed witnessed the martial eagle hunting phase while watching a mogul family playing in southern Kruger National Park, South Africa, Earth Touch News reported yesterday. The four young pigs grouped together suddenly fled down the gravel road, trying to escape from the martial eagle that was diving to hunt. A piglet was unfortunately hit as its siblings escaped unharmed.

The martial eagle is Africa’s largest bird of prey and can easily take down large prey. Their diet varies considerably from region to region, often consisting of small mammals such as rabbits, antelopes or primates. They also eat other birds and lizards.

After gripping the piglet firmly with its claws, the eagle began to pluck its prey. Eagles such as eagles, hawks, kites, and loofahs have lower bite forces than cut birds and lack teeth to pluck their prey, so their preferred method of killing is asphyxiation. With particularly wide claws on the first and second finger, the falcon can pinch its prey to the ground and kill even the strongest. Once the prey is depleted, it will use sharp claws to quickly finish the meal.

Large meals were often too heavy to safely dig the tree, so large eagles like martials often ate off the ground. To avoid wasting a delicious meal to scavengers, the hawk can spread its wings to cover its prey. They also often stopped in the middle and rolled their eyes anxiously to make sure no threats appeared.

In this case, a car passed so fast that the frightened eagle skipped the meal. It was only after a while that he came back to eat.

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